Sebastian Grubinger Top 5’s

Sebastian rips, truly underrated, check his clip from yesterday for a small taste of what he’s up to. I always enjoy these top 5’s, short and sweet!

Whiplash variations:
All kind of,… walkarounds, jumplashes,… there are too many! Wish i could do multiple x-footed!

Places to ride:
Vienna heldenplatz (sometimes I hate it), St.Florian where i started, Linz under the bridge, places that are flat and have a good vibe! I love places next to water!

People to ride with:
I could name so many! Markus Redelberger, Micheal Sommer, Lukas Dobusch, Anton from russia and the rest of Vienna locals, Alexis and the Heresy crew, almost everybody motivates me I ride with!

Websites to check:
Flatmatters, Global-flat,,,,, (weather).

Heresy frame, S&M Intrikat handlebars, Season stem, Magic fruits pegs, Arestic/trid design adjustible headset spacer.

FBM – I love my bicycle, the ones Dane Beardsley made, Intrikat movies, OG Martons, Animal bmx movies, This is United, … there are a lot!

Video parts to watch:
Corey Martinez – This is United, Marttis solo dvds + webclips, Rum DVD – Akira and Takaaki Fukuda, Akiras part from Soul, Garrett Reynolds Props Bio, Paul Rodriguez – me, myself and i, ZAI movies…

Favourite riders:
Akira Okamura, Pete Olsen, Alexis Desolneux, Martti Kuoppa, Michael Husser, Ikko Tanaka, Markus Redlberger, Michael Sommer, George Manos, Chad Johnston, Mo Rich, and many many more. I enjoy to watch everybody ride!

Bike companies:
Heresybikes, Magicfruits, wethepeople, twenty, animal.

Swear words you use when you ride:
Oida, geh scheissn, fuck, geh bitte, aaarrrghhh and some combinations..

Carhartt, Heresybikes, Puma shoes, Ottakringer, personal rec.

Water, fresh orange juice, milk, tee, cold beer.

Tricks to do:
Some new pedal stuff i’m working on, whiplash variations, I enjoy doing backwards manual, everything on my bike as long as i don’t crash too hard all the time!

Everything, haha, i love eating!

Things your hating on:
Being sick or injured, money things, stress, flat tires, problems with my computer (and i always have them!)

Things to do besides riding:
Chill alone, grow my own herbes and vegetables, hang out/spend time with my family and girl, go mountain hiking/clinming, cook and eat and go to the stadium and watch football.

All kinds of crime thrillers or detective stories

Freedom bmx, Soul, Dig, Newspapers, Skateboard mags,

I prefer some thriller and detective stuff like I mentioned befort with books, no special preferences,…also some stupid comedy stuff is great,… don’t care much about that!

2 thoughts on “Sebastian Grubinger Top 5’s

  1. reading his favorite vids makes me sad not too many people are making videos. who makes vids besides dane, sevisual and some of the japanese?

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