Seiya Kainuma edit by Taku

Seiya Kainuma from TAKU on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Seiya Kainuma edit by Taku

  1. Yeah man sick riding that switch footed gerator/backyard thing also love the combination of scuffing and rolling to shut the fashion whores up freedom of expression and the death truck get out was crazy smooth, respect to this man.

  2. I dont know if it is fashion whores howard, its natural progression, for example I scuffed for years, and got bored of it was to safe, creating a few challenges for myself made flatland exciting again!
    I hear you on the death truck combo tho, nice touch!

  3. Yeah it's natural progression for sure then i do hear comments from certain riders saying that scuffing should be outlawed and only rolling is acceptable blah blah blah ridings what we want it to be there's no dictatorship you know the drill, but yeah this dude is very impressive.

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