Sevisual at TGM

This Saturday just gone (10th January), Tom from Sevisual (infamous for the riding videos of Matthias Dandois and Adam Kun) was in London town, TGM local Jason Forde sent the word out and got decent number of heads down to the mile in freezing tempertures out and about, for what turned out to be a great day.
The whole way to the mile from Southsea the countryside was frostbitten to say the least, white everywhere, to my surprise the mile was bone dry when I arrived and James White was already there, shortly after Phil Dolan arrived, then TGM locals, plus Tom of Sevisual fame.
In the end the shoot had attracted 15 riders in tempertures that didnt get above freezing all day to the legendary spot, most riders filmed 2 combos each with Tom.
After riding all day, everyone headed to the boozer across the road, which as always when everyone gets together, was pretty entertaining.

Thanks to Jay for organising the day, and for hooking me up with photos,Salvador for the tube, more stuff like this year is needed, was great for the scene.

2 thoughts on “Sevisual at TGM

  1. Soooo looking forward to this video. I absolutely love any vid that Sevisual puts out, plus a new vid with White, Forde, Dolan, and Catlow will sure to be amazing.

  2. Greate, looking forward to the movie.. nd one day i’ll be there as well. One tip though.. get a thermo shirt from the brand ”craft”.that is what i use while riding in the winter out door, and it works! keeps you warm and dry.

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