7 thoughts on “Shadoworld Editorial by Alexis Desolneux

  1. TJ, whoever you are,
    this is pretty negative and dishonest to say that, out of 22 riding clips in this video there are 19 clips where you can see exactly what George is doing and 3 darker clips. It’s ok if you don’t like this video but you don’t need to be cynical about it.

  2. From hell or from sky? it doesnt matter, for sure is a classic. I understood the athmosphere George placed on this. And if wasnt possible see some trick because the dark, it did me think and imagine the trick. I liked so much.

  3. Alexis, i think that riders appreciate what Georges is doing as a rider, and they’re only frustrated because they wished they could see more of the actual riding, and rather less about the concept that led to the riding.

    Georges riding is so strong and original that in my opinion it does not need anything else than simplicity to showcase it. This is a compliment.

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