Shane Badman and Dnb Chris in town

Friday 4th september was a pretty good day, ton of new video edits, day off work, sunshine, and Shane Badman and Dnb Chris were in town for a session, the day consisted of filming session with moi in the rink, then headed off Southampton to ride the war memorial spot, few new tricks went down, a random session with loads of street riders which was pretty cool. Good times! Shane’s back off to Australia tuesday, have a good one mate!! enjoy the photos! Check Badman in the new OG project b edit!!

Inside xft steam whip to halfpacker, Badman in town!

Dnb Chris in the house, Inside switch foot karl combo.

Couple of shots of sweet new Colony flatland stem!

Photos below by Chris Hall. Badman Xft hang five 360 pivot to spinning halfhiker.

Chris at his home riding spot.

Moi on home turf, Inside pedal Cowboy spinning karl.

5 thoughts on “Shane Badman and Dnb Chris in town

  1. Cool Pictures!
    We also have the pleasure of Badman frontin the skills at the mo @ TGM Y'day and today!
    Shame himself & Paul Chamberlane are returning Oz, gonna miss the riding and the banter;)
    Good times!

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