Shane Badman wins Melbourne Down Underground!

Photo credit: András Péntek

Down Underground went down yesterday in Melbourne, Australia. Shane Badman took the win in Pro, with Paul Chamberlain taking the second spot. Everyone was stoked to see Simon O’Brien turn up to the event (sadly couldn’t ride due to an injury), good times in Melbourne! More news/results/videos when they come in! Congratulations Shane!

1- Shane Badman
2- Paul Chamberlain
3- Grant Cruise

Matt Wootton
Shaun Jarvis

And the year end rankings look like this!

Year End Ranking – Pro
Paul Chamberlain
Phillip Freuh
Simon O’Brien
Shane Badman
Yasushi Kajiwala
Michaël Husser
Grant Cruise
RonKing Tan
Rhys Mason
Brett Dighton
DBS Shaun

Year End Ranking – Advance
Shaun Jarvis
Matt Wootton
Jamie Hooton
Kit McKenna
Jason Parker
Andrew Lightbody
Karl Hughes
June Dungca
Billy Brooks
Lee Kirkman
Shaun Ahern
Jason RL

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