Shaun Lapsley on Reklamation Bikes!

Jake at Reklamation Bikes sent over the news of the latest addition to their team! Congratulations Shaun!

“We are really proud to announce that Shaun Lapsley is now on the Reklamation Bikes Team as a sponsored Expert! Can’t wait to see this guy has in store for 2014!

Shaun started riding 4 years ago. After building up a decent base of tricks, in 2012 became the AMFLT Novice Class Champion. Shaun attends as many contests and jams as possible now as an expert rider!
“Beyond the Novice level many tricks in flatland seem overwhelmingly impossible. As a new comer I try to embrace the challenge. Philippians 4:13 Stoked to rep Reklamation Bikes in 2014!”

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