Shayne Khajehnoori Bikecheck!

Intro: Effraim
Photos: Darin Wright

Sometimes I feel like dudes are overlooked in the flatland scene, and I am guilty of it myself. Case in point right now, I’ve seen Shayne Khajehnoori quietly going about his business over the last ten or so years. Of course many of you will know Shayne for his videos under the Neon Media label. Nowadays Shayne is killing the back wheel over in Nor Cal. This bikecheck is well overdue!

Frame: S&M Intrikat 19″ raw, classic version
Fork: OG Bikes
Handlebars: S&M Intrikat 8″
Barends: Quamen Steel
Stem: DK 45mm
Aheadset: Animal
Grips: Revenge Industries “Dakine”
Griplocks: n/a
Brakes: Primo E-Brake
Tyres: Primo Comet 1.5″ front, Ares 1.75″ rear
Tubes: the ones from Tip-Plus
Pegs: Sequence
Seatpost: laidback pivotal flipped to move seat forward
Seatclamp: built-in
Seat: Colony plastic
Chain adjustor: Quamen
Chain: Regular 1/8″ KMC
Cranks: Profile Magnutanium, Ti Spindle
Chainring: Ronin 28t
Pedals: Primo
Rims: Primo
Front hub: Primo
Freecoaster: Nankai lite, Profile shell, Quamen deco cap
Spokes: Primo

Any modifications:
Cut & slammed seat to stay out of the way, grips lining the fork dropouts to protect my hands

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride?:
All my bikes have Revenge Dakine grips on them so I can absorb THC through my palms while riding, far out! I also have this crazy bracelet woven by a gypsy wrapped around my rear hub which transmits power & energy into my rear wheel (mostly it keeps the Profile shell clean).

Sponsors: Flow from Primo/Tip-Plus, Revenge Industries

Advice to beginners on bike set ups?
If you’re just starting out, experiment with different setups and find what works for you. I would recommend, in the beginning, not setting your bike up in a way that would limit the types of tricks you learn. Learn a variety of tricks, so don’t be afraid to try a variety of setups. Don’t be afraid of brakes, high seats, under 9″ bars. Sometimes the trendiest bikes aren’t the easiest to ride flatland on. Whichever way you set your bike up ultimately does not matter too much; how much you ride your bike and how much fun you’re having is the most important.

Thanks: Eric Stefano @ Primo/Tip-Plus, Sean McKinney @ Revenge Industries, Chad Johnston, Matt Coplon, Flatmatters, One Love crew.

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