Shintaro Misawa – 100 Days Challenge

This is interesting. Shintaro is holding a 100 Days Challenge for the flat scene in Malaysia. Check out some of the info below. present:
100 Days Challenge – Solo Flatland Video Edit
16 May – 24 August
Open to Malaysian Riders Only
Exclusive Tshirt for First 20 participant
Judges: Mel Nino, Rizal Barakbah
Criteria: Originality 50%, Difficulty25%, Vocabulary 25%
1st Autum 2013 Flatland Fork
2nd Autum 2013 Escobar
3rd Autum 2013 Narcobar
Most Popular Video by “Like” RM200
1. All video edit must begin with 5second competition logo.
2. All video edit must put riding location eg”Petaling Jaya, Malaysia”
3. Share your video on event wall on 24th & 25 August 2013
4. All video footage have to be new and have never been used in other edit before.

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