Shintaro Misawa – The sixth sense

From the look of these videos of Shintaro’s progression on the back wheel, his riding is so well thought out. Really seems to be some calculated progression theory going on, watch back at his last edit, you may follow what I mean! The backwards spinning lawn to inside gliding switch – b at 4:20, so stylish!!

4 thoughts on “Shintaro Misawa – The sixth sense

  1. Hey E! You stated in Moto’s post that “you wonder when someone will top it.” I think this little dude has the potential to do just that if he commits himself to the challenge.

  2. Im amazed at what shintaro has accomplished just since christmas with his backwheel.
    Makes me think he probly has a hidden banger he is working on.

  3. I really really hope he stays with backwheel because its totally better to watch than his old frontwheel style .. i do like Shintaro’s Frontwheel Switches and Pivots .. but it got boring over-times.. but no (Hell no) on The Backwheel conversion its really sick to watch and entertaining .. and sooo smooth!! 😀 PROPS!

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