Show us some skills-Steven Bisseker

I remember vividly growing up as a kid on the UKBFA contest circuit and always being amazed by this guys riding, barndance to backwards decade sticks in my mind, way ahead of the time, thanks to whitey for sending this in, Level Vibes is drawing closer as is the winter.

Steven Bisseker – Show Us Some Skills from James White on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Show us some skills-Steven Bisseker

  1. Ha I wondered who would ask that, barndance is a candy bar decade, then he would switch hands and backwards decade and of course pivot, epic trick!

  2. Sick remember this guy he was incredible note: Barry on a Grifter dvd theres a ton of his riding in there ,is a barndance like a vertical quickchange E ?

  3. Yeah vertical quickchange Howard, candy bar decade just makes easier to understand. He was good on ramp too.Crazy level for that time!

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