Sietse van Berkel – Jungle Rider 2016

I’m a big fan of Sietse van Berkel’s riding, so I was stoked to wake up this sunday morning to a fresh “Junglerider 2016” edit from the man himself filmed over the summer and autumn period. Especially liked the two footed front yard turbine pendulum line around the 1:17 mark, but much more than that the way Sietse moves around the bike in effortless fashion is so great to see. Thanks for sharing with the flatland world, Sietse!

5 thoughts on “Sietse van Berkel – Jungle Rider 2016

  1. Very good indeed ! Specially loved the x-foot steam to half packer at 2:00, a simple and logical move I had never seen before, so smart and smoothly executed ! Congrats !

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