Sietse Van Berkel Welcome Jam

Hidenori Ishizaki and friends welcomed Sietse Van Berkel to Osaka, Japan in style hosting an awesome jam with all the locals and visitors in attendance. Feel the good vibes throughout and plenty of amazing riding, some of the standout clips for me were:

Jumpei Goto: unorthodox amazing pumping style at 3:59, steam to half hiker pivot xft half hiker pivot haldpacker turbine backwards halfpacker pivot xft half hiker out! Wow!

Yuichi “ill” Tamiya – Backwards nannie for days switching ranks, regular, and switch, kick forward ending in a slow dump truck body varial line at 5:40! The control is out of this world!

Sietse van Berkel – opposite steamboat ride in line at 7:56, really liked the halfpacker step one foot crack mid way through!

And there’s plenty more aside from what I have highlighted, don’t sleep on this one! It’s an amazing week for edits for so far!!

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