Sietse Van Berkel wins Round 2 Master of Creativity

Congratulations to Sieste Van Berkel who won the second round of the Master of Creativity contest followed by Moto Sasaki and Raphael Chiquet. The top ten made it through to final round, which will be a “best trick round”. Good luck everyone, head over to the Master of Creativity instagram for all the videos, amazing level.

2 thoughts on “Sietse Van Berkel wins Round 2 Master of Creativity

  1. M.O.C. is so good / motivating for the art . Congrats to all the top ten , their entries are dope ! Killer lines , moves . Im still watching em all , just taking them in. Stoked as f-k I got past the first round in such a sea of highly skilled riders , it really was an honor to ride amongst these guys ! M.O.C. is the truth , for real man. Cant wait to see just WHAT these guys are gonna come up with next for the last round . Thanks , Martti , Effraim , Chad , Yull , Alexis , all the judges , everyone involved for making M.O.C. so great ! Respect to EVERY rider whose ever competed in M.O.C. , also !

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