Simon O’Brien’s 1st Solo DVD “Made You Look” Part 1

Simon O’Brien’s first solo video “Made You Look” Part 1 from Stewart Munro on Vimeo.

So many videos daily its easy to forget what has gone before, Stewart Munro is uploading Simon O’Brien’s video parts over the years starting with his epic “Made You Look” Solo DVD. So much amazing riding from one of the best riders ever in our art form/sport. Enjoy part 1 right here, the body varial fire hydrant to backwards half packer at 1:30 still has me hitting the rewind years on!

12 thoughts on “Simon O’Brien’s 1st Solo DVD “Made You Look” Part 1

  1. 2006 memory. Sitting around broken foot from riding trails. Simon posts me this dvd, gives me a call talks beers and bbq’s. Transition to flatland began.

    Australia is heaps good.

    Best to believe in the Muff

  2. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

    I have a really fond memory of showing this video to Josh King after I had seen it like a dozen times and just laughing at Josh freaking out again and again at how awesome this was.

  3. Timeless style and flow.
    It seems even today it is
    harder to find an equivalent
    on style on both front and back
    with such progressive tricks.
    A true artist!

  4. And that first part of the dvd is not the best part!!
    And thinking that bike is quiet heavy by today’s standards, that one more thing that make Simon O’Brien’s riding so impressive for me.
    One of the best flatlanders for sure!

  5. So Sick!!!! Truly one of the “Best Ever!!!!!!” Step Higher Foundation would be Blessed if you could come ride at one of our events. Hit us up, all expenses paid (602)621-1414.

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