Simon O’Brien’s 2nd Solo DVD ”Deja Vu” Part 1

Simon O’Brien’s 2nd solo DVD ”Deja Vu” Part 1 from Stewart Munro on Vimeo.

How many riders could deliver two amazing solo DVDs? Stewart Munro kindly sent in Part 1 of Simon’s second solo DVD “Deju Vu”, the fire hydrant full body varial to backwards half packer at 1:49 still has been hitting the rewind, and the 360 kickflip backwards half packer still has me wondering, did he pull it? Whatever the case it is definitely worth watching this amazing video once again!

7 thoughts on “Simon O’Brien’s 2nd Solo DVD ”Deja Vu” Part 1

  1. Love how you can see his setup for the 360 kickflip and you know he is leaning way over to escape from those bars if we misses it. Simon’s riding and Stewards videos are a perfect lead in to a summer of riding.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • @ Rick – Thats interesting Rick you say that, cause I feel he doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves. If another rider did a fire hydrant full body varial to backwards halfpacker I think there would be a ton of comments. Perhaps you are right Rick. Hard to tell how stuff is perceived sometimes. I know he had that one video that has the most hits of any flatland video, just talking generally….

  2. Agreed E. Deserves more credit. Some things he was dropping ten years ago. And people now do a snippet of it and get more attention.
    Watching his edits you do grt this feeling ” what can i say about that ”
    Hes just good, really good.

    Mabye next years flatmatters award could include a hall of fame section E. May be controversial though with everyones opinions. And simons days arent done so im not saying he should get either.

    Aussie aussie

  3. Amazing riding! Makes me want to go ride! The edit was dope with the music and the fades – just all around excellent.

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