15 thoughts on “Simon O’Brien ESPN Interview + Video

  1. he is amazing, i remember when i started riding, watching the video of the X-games, that he won, and a video of circle balance.

    • Its great to see different techniques being used. I still think his part here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4pJWKAn1qg for intrikat landescape A is one of the best ever, his backwards halfpacker lines are insanely hard! and perfectly executed. thats good news for the scene if he starts competing again. Im sure he’s looking at the contests, and thinking he can take it…

  2. Soooo good. Yep, pretty much can do it all. Been fooling around with hula hoops lately and he absolutely KILLS that trick. Multiples, crazy variations… wow.

  3. E, I have the solo vids. They are super good. He has such a broad range. Love the pitter-patter whips and hula hoops. Don’t see much of that stuff. Hope he starts hitting up comps regularly just to see more regular footage from him.

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