Simon O’Brien wins DownUnderGround – Round 1

Summer time in Australia. Round 1 of the Down UnderGround series took place this past weekend in Sydney on January 19th. Anyone got a video of the event?

Pro class
1st – Simon O’Brien
2nd – Paul Chamberlain
3rd – Yasushi Kajiwala
4th – Michaël Husser
5th – Rhys Mason

Advanced class
1st – Jamie Hooton
2nd – Andre
3rd – Andrew Lightbody
4th – Shaun Jarvis
5th – Jason Parker
5th – Matt Wootton
7th – Billy Brooks
8th – Kit McKenna

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4 thoughts on “Simon O’Brien wins DownUnderGround – Round 1

  1. Yeah, there should be video pretty soon. It was a distant second for the record!!! Haha! Simon smoked my bitch ass!

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