Simon O’Brien’s “Deju Vu” Solo DVD online!!!

If you missed Simon O’Brien’s solo dvd, its now online (obviously), did he or didnt he pull that 360 backwards kickflip halfpacker? Whatever, Simon is one of the best riders ever! Much respect! What a treat having this online so soon!

12 thoughts on “Simon O’Brien’s “Deju Vu” Solo DVD online!!!

  1. He definitely pulled the backward halfpacker full kickflip, whether he pulled the halfpacker ride out.. Eh…

    The real question is, who the hell can make two full length solo videos loaded with new tricks (not filmed on a tripod)? Mad respect to Simon, not only was his aim to put out the very hardest links he could do, but he also went to a fair bit of trouble to making sure all filming and shots looked good. High standards went into both of his videos to come out with a couple very solid & proper vids.

    I can’t think of anyone who tops Simon in terms of ability in flatland.

  2. yeah. this guys awesome.the level on some on those combos is insane. and just a plain unorthodox style – its so cool. nice to see it on here.

  3. Glad the sparky things stopped. Love the riding but got sick of the frustrated bike-tossing. I can’t stand when guys this good throw tantrums. I find it a little unrestrained, which is sort of anti-flatland to me. This goes for all pro athletes… why throw a hissy fit? You’re effing amazing, isn’t that good enough?

    Oh well. Great riding mosdef.

  4. Simon is amazing ! I met him while filming FastForward with Alex Jumelin in Paris, he is very technical and involve into his riding like i’ve never seen before. He also a very nice guy and his part in the Alex DVD is a great souvenir for me.
    Simon is probably the best rider in the world : technical, variety, style, front and back wheel, a kind of spirit of flatland (not fashion tricks/moves addict)
    I know the amount of work for the rider and the director to land a video like this and i have a big respect for this one which is big – riding and editing !

    please excuse my english 😉

    • Wow Eric! This is a blast from the past! Thanks for the comment! Your english is actually very good, and much better than my french, so….
      It is sure Simon is one of the best riders in the world, and the fact he produced 2 banging solo dvds is testiment to that! I wish we could see more of him, im sure his impact would have been much greater if australia wasnt so damn far away.

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