Simon O’Brien’s Part From Landscapes 2

“Landscapes 2” is a new full length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world. Featuring Bert Ribul,Brandon Fenton,Chad DeGroot,Hidenori Ishizaki,Koichi Forkone Higo,Paul Chamberlain,Raphael Chiquet,Shinichi Kiba,Takuji Izumi and Simon O’Brien. If you missed this video when it dropped a while ago, well worth watching Simon O’Brien’s part one more time!

6 thoughts on “Simon O’Brien’s Part From Landscapes 2

  1. If that’s what looks like a windshield wiper decade, catapult, then Simon & Nick Watts, & if Chase’s still doing catapults, they’ve kept it alive. So, whoever said ‘wtf’ about Chase doing catapults awhile back, it’s still here lol.

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