8 thoughts on “S&M Enduro (Top Load) stem in 36mm

  1. It actually looks quite nice.
    If it was 40mm it may allow better space for the fork compression cap.
    (As many are not round – large bolt)

  2. Really nice looking stem, which I think will do quite well on the market! Seems to be a demand of stems in this size, and despite profile/madera offering something similar recently, this has a much smoother and aesthetically pleasing look to it.

    S&M are doing a lot of things right at the moment.

  3. Byke, does anyone really run a hex style compression bolt anymore? If so, it may be time to get a nice round one that uses a simple allen wrench… 😉

    Very nice although i still hate the fact that the bolt heads stick out beyond the cap(s) at the front. You can smooth the corners all you want, but the edge of a bolt head will still kill your knee….

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