Space Brothers Podcast – Dizz Hicks

Episode 41 of the Space Brothers Podcast is a belter! Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs catch up with the king of the wedge ramp, Dizz Hicks! If your into the history of BMX, you don’t want to miss this one!

Kip’s description covers all…

“We caught up with Dizz and asked him about his early BMX career, the first time he saw freestyle, building his first wedge ramp, riding for the Gork Trick Team, his heavy metal persona, creating upside down flatland tricks, riding and partying on the CW summer tours, vanishing from the sport, dealing with addiction, getting back on his BMX bike in 2009 for an art show, getting inducted into the BMX Hall Of Fame, and what he’s doing now. The fact is, there’s never been another rider like Dizz in BMX…. and there probably never will be! So get comfortable, crank up your speakers, and get to know the man, the myth, the BMX legend, King of the short ramp… Dizz Hicks!

11 thoughts on “Space Brothers Podcast – Dizz Hicks

  1. Haven’t listened to all this yet, but l will. When l think of what was also called the ‘kick turn ramp’, but not too long. And what also comes to mind’s, Dizz, brought his own ‘personality’, from the team showing up in limos at shows, and his ‘heavy metal’ appeareance as mentioned , yes the CW team, had a presence, possibly totally different to all the other teams out there. I liked hearing Dizz saying, he was doing his own thing & in the process attained attention. The other thing’s, could Dizz been 1, if not the first person, to progress to ‘upside down’ tricks, which possibly influenced others in that position? And the other person that comes to mind’s Ron Wilton, who rode for Haro & Schwinn( Bmx Action Trick Team), who l’ve not heard anything about since the mid 80s. Combined with MgGoo’s personality, they, in my opinion were a great fit. McGoo as Team Manager along with Ceppie Maes with his own look. At least looking from the outside.

    • Think he’s saying the upside down positions, caboose positions were originally done by him. Kevin, Dull made them move via rolling or scuffing techniques… Not sure though Morgann…

  2. Finally found time to listen to this properly,its Sunday that’s why!Dizz should write a book about his life literally living in the edge…really deserved to be in the bmx hall of fame for reaching the death point alone and coming back making family and keep living…what a character really authentic,honest and wild!lucky for bmx for having Dizz in its history,so much respect for that dude and bravo to space brothers!

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