Space Brothers Podcast with Chad Johnston

Episode 43 of the Space Brothers Podcast is a must listen! Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs catch up with the man behind inTRIKat, Chad Johnston where they dig deep into Chad’s riding roots, getting into making videos, pegless riding, riding for S&M and a whole lot more. This is absolutely amazing!

5 thoughts on “Space Brothers Podcast with Chad Johnston

  1. What a cool coincidence , haha…….Ive been on a stint of watching a lot of George Manos , Chad Johnston , Leo Claro De Silva , Ian Schwartz , Older Mike Hoder footage , Garret Reeves , Eric Lictenberger , Eddie Cleveland , Bruce Crisman , etc ,etc ,etc ………Im REALLY stoked on THIS , thanks , Kip/ Chad !! BRAKELESS / PEGLESS riding really intrigues , fascinates , and impresses the hell out of me , seeing just how all these guys use their bikes , during lines and combos , their CREATIVITY is always through the friggin roof , TIMES 7 . Its really a progressive , totally dope discipline of bmx riding , that Im always eager to check out , ALWAYS ! George , watching YOUR edits ALOT lately gave me an idea ……..Im so AMMMMMPED on all your riding ….that…I wanna film just one BRAKELESS / PEGLESS trick , and you film a couple of them…..THEN lets make a lil quick edit together to a Schammasch or Incantation song , since you named one of your MOST rad tricks after that band !! It will be like a quick edit …Im just gonna do one trick ….YOU do like 7 tricks , haha, since youre THE ….BRAKELESS / PEGLESS MASTER !!! It will be fun , campeon ! Ive had this idea burning in the back of my mind for a week and a half now , hahaha. It would be an HONOR , TIMES 7 … do a quick lil edit with you , sir ! Well……..time to get into this podcast !,STOKED !!! ALSO , George ! Wanna be in Adam Guilds upcoming NEW lil video ,called LIL DOSES ??!! Just friend request him on F.B. , he will give ya the details ! I know you have TONS of footage of your riding , so you can send him a couple video clips , his editing deadline is Dec -20-2019 . Knowing , seeing your Instagram , Mr. Manos …..I know you progress your riding on the daily , so Adam Guild , myself would be SUPER excited to have you featured in this video . Just check Adams…Doses Flatland channel on vimeo to see just what the Doses bmx video are about………hardcore ,underground ,diverse bmx flatland riding , with riders of EVERY time era and style of riding , good stuff ,amigo . I ll be in touch , bruva !!

  2. I’m stoked Chad admitted to living in Manitoba. Other pros (Volume and WTP, had signature frames and all) don’t ever seem to admit they grew up riding in Winnipeg Manitoba. Chad, thank you so much for doing the Intrikat frame and making all the vids. Flatsphere is also my fav out of the series. What an awesome Space Bros episode!

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