Spaceark Flatland School – December 2011

Have you ever sat there and thought I wonder what it is that makes Japan the place to be?, well I wonder that from time to time, take a look at this Spaceark for a small reason why, riders taking their time to encourage and teach the next generation, just awesome!

3 thoughts on “Spaceark Flatland School – December 2011

  1. Wow!

    This makes me want to go to Japan and session that spot. I totally want to session that spot!!!

    It’s been a while since a piece has really motivated me deeply. Props to that crew! Well-done, guys. I hope to meet you this summer.

  2. Good to know they begin from the start like any of us, sometimes I believe they’re all natural born flatland killers! Good atmosphere btw… and yes, awesome spot!

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