Spike Jonze – Epicly Later’d

Every so often I like to post something that perhaps does not seem to be flatland related, but it does cross over and you can really take something out of this. I’m a big fan of the Epicly Later’d series and caught this amazing episode with Spike Jonze yesterday, who when I was younger was one of the main photographer’s for Freestylin’ Magazine, now of course he has been awarded an Oscar, countless feature films, but yet still remains grounded to his roots in BMX and Skateboarding. Brilliant insight, grab a cuppa and enjoy this one!

3 thoughts on “Spike Jonze – Epicly Later’d

  1. This was nothing short of amazing. Like many, Spike’s photos in Freestylin were hugely influential but I had NO idea the depth of his work. My mind kept being blown watching… he diirected that? And that? And THAT!?!? Thank you for posting, E!

  2. This was GREAT!!!
    To mirror what Scott said I also had no idea he was behind all those movies and videos…..just WOW!!
    His photos in Freestylin Magazine helped steer me away from the drugs that so many of my friends were doing and kept me focused on riding.

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