St Martin Team Changes for 2016!

Big moves over at St Martin, Alain Massabova has taken over the running of french brand, St Martin and has begun his take over with some high profile additions to the team, and I hear more will follow. For now, read the press release below:


“Saint Martin, the french BMX brand known since 2004 in the Flatland game, has given a new breath. Since the 4th of December 2015, St Martin is owned by MASSABOVA B. company held by Alain Massabova, rider since 1986, shop manager (La Crémerie, Nomadeshop) and media publisher (Cream, Flat Kings, A.R.T BMX), helped by his brother Manu, rider and webmaster (Agoride, The Rider Post), who is part of the brand since the beginning. The aim is to boost the French BMX brand but also to continue developing and supporting Flatland worldwide.
A new production of BMX parts will be available for spring 2016 with a line representing France, especially Paris, called “Metro”.


The range will keep the sure asset of the brand, at the forefront of the innovation while following the trend of modern flatland. While waiting for a new production, some t-shirts will be available in January 2016.
The team rider will also be a new force for this iconic brand. The Pro team will be composed of top riders Owen Bohn (Argentina) and Alexandre Jumelin (France).
A Legend team composed of the flatland masters Chase Gouin (Canada) and Jesse Puente (USA). They will also be riders and designers of the brand. A range of products designed by Chase will be available in autumn.
St Martin will continue supporting riders with a flow team (Jason Forde, Taka, Miguel Tardio and many more) which will represent the brand worldwide.
The social media manager is none other than Luis Elías Benavides (Costa Rica).
A new website will be online the 15th of January to announce the new production and so much more…

Meanwhile, may the force be with you and merry Christmas!
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  1. que bueno esperemos que sea un excito total con esta restrocturacion felicidades a Luis Elias Benavides que con toda seguridad sera pieza clave para el desarrollo de esta buenisima marca saludos y Pura Vida !!!

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