St Martin Ten Frame 2013

Yesterday St Martin released one of their 2013 frames. Going for a double top tube frame is a brave move, or perhaps not with the recent resurgence in Old School/Collectors bike parts, eg, Haro. Time will tell. For now take look if you haven’t already. Is it time for double and triple decades to come back?

Frame specs:

Top tube: 17.9, 18.8″
Chainstays: 12.2″
Head angle: 75
Seat angle: 71
BB Height: 12.2″
Weight 1880 grams

5 thoughts on “St Martin Ten Frame 2013

  1. looks good as a retro collectors piece and put some tuffs on and some old haro decals and it’s a cool ride for cruieing about but don’t know how well it will sell as a proper rider. as for double and triple decades i found em easier with single toptube (maybe cos i got a collapsed arch on my left foot so less pain).

  2. As an owner of several Ozones bitd, I tend to think they are missing the mark with the geometry on this bike. They want old school looks with new school geo…. I don’t think many folks would be into that. If it was a little longer and a little mellower I would be all over it…but its not. ūüôĀ

  3. How can you comment on a frame unless you ride it . I have payed good money for frame’s that have not felt good but have lower bedget frames that have elevated my ridiing skills

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