Stephan Cerra Intrikat Background

Great section from possibly one of the most inspirational videos in the modern day era, Stephan Cerra killing the Redondo beach underground…

12 thoughts on “Stephan Cerra Intrikat Background

  1. I watched this video on VHS soooooooo many times. I really miss those days where you had to wait for a videotape to come by mail to your doorstep. Everybody went crazy online about what they saw, anxiously waiting for the VHS to arrive, and then popping it in for the first time.
    Watching a full-length underground inTRIKat film on a big tv screen still ain’t half as good as watching online clips IMHO (although they sure do serve a lot of purpose).

    Props Chad!

  2. i agree w/ alexis here completely, we had a premiere for this at Mean Mike’s bar in Athens, my friends got mad at me because i sneaked a peek before the showing

  3. When drugs are used creativly…. as useful tools….
    Then you gets the creative output such as this!

    …Mind you…I’m not advocating such like…
    ….unless like me…. you have a V strong constitution… …
    Mad Blazey!

  4. Agree Trev for example look at the musical genius of Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and John Lennon all using certain substances yet creating some of the finest masterpieces in music history showing art can be explored in new area’s.

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