6 thoughts on “Stephan Cerra vs Percy Marshall – First Round Battle / Real City Spin

  1. Woah. Percy is so subtle. Sick runs by Stephan and Percy. That last run that Percy pulls is all counter clockwise, which isn´t his natural circle. Sick! Respect!

  2. Did you count the foot touches?
    Don’t really have a opinion on that but please guys, don’t forget to imagine yourself being on the canadian judges shoes when judging a battle during a Canada based contest between one american star and one (even highly skilled) canadian rider.
    Don’t know if all judges think about consequences of their decision during the duty time, but what I know is that was not 100% well perceived in the flatland world when Adam Kun was eliminated by Joris Bretagnolles in a battle during the France based Circle Cow in 2011, judged by a french panel of judges of course.
    But what I did just say? We all know that Judging is one of the most complicated and controversial acts during contest (and that’s eventually paid!!)…

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