Stephan Hearn Bikecheck!

Intro: Effraim
Bikecheck/photos: Shayne Khajehnoori

Stephan Hearn is one of my favourite riders. This guy is pure beast! If you watched the Vancouver jam edit yesterday, you will have noticed the speed and buttery Stephan connected the backwards backpacker xft hitch, xft halfhiker to halfpacker line, classic line, that no one does! Stephan recently got on S&M Flow, Chad is building up an army. And this guy deserves to be in the army! Chck out his ride, dialled! Aooosssttttt!!!

Frame- S&M intrikat 19″
Fork- KHE Tanaka fork
Handlebars- Kgb
Barends- Primo
Stem- Quamen
Headset- Primo
Grips- Revenge
Brakes- None
Tyres- Primo Comet
Tubes- Tip Plus
Pegs- sequence
Seatpost- Thomson
Seat- Khe Watanabe
Chain adjustor- Quamen
Chain- Kmc
cranks- Primopowerbite165mm
Sprocket- Profile? 23t
Pedal- Primo
Rims- Odyssey 7ka
Front hub- Primo n4
Freecoaster- Nankai with Profile Shell
Spokes- Stainless steel 14g

Anything specific for my ride- I got to have 120psi, a tight chain and still like having narrow short bars despite the big bar craze.

Sponsors- Onelovebmx, Stefano at Primo/Tip-Plus, and S&M flow.

Advice- When starting out you dont really need anything specific just both brakes a gyro and 4 pegs. Learn thebasics as your skill evolves, then set your bikeup to the style that you develop.

12 thoughts on “Stephan Hearn Bikecheck!

  1. I love how he is still riding KGB bars. They were/are awesome.

    Kevin, i think the Comets have a reflective strip rather than white walls. I’m not sure what the deal is with them but they have been around for a few years.

  2. I talked to Stephan a bit at the Vancouver jam and he reminds me a lot of the old school pros. Super nice fellow.

    Smart move by S&M to sponsor him.

  3. I believe, the Comets that have the reflective strip are ones that have a kevlar lining not to be confused with a kevlar bead. I have heard some mention that they like the kevlar style better. The rubber is a little more dense. They just felt a touch slicker to me. I have had more sucess with the regular ones well except maybe the constant flat tires. It would be nice if they had any real sidewall at all.

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