Stephan Murray Fundraiser!!

DJ, the voice of the masters for many a year, and third choice dj after catfish and paul roberts, has organised a fundraiser in aid of Stephan Murray, get involved…

Guys… Please pass this around the best you can, get on your websites,facebook, myspace…. EVERYTHING! This is the first of 3 of these bad boys & we’re gonna raise a decent amount for Stephans cause….
“Since Stephan had that terrible crash I have been wanting to do something special for the fund other than throwing money in a bucket at events etc…I wanted to do something that had a real BMX meaning. When Stephan Prantl
told me the guys would be in Cologne for the Worlds I thought it a prefect chance to do something for Stephan.
So here is a unique auction of 1 of 3 original, never worn Haro jerseys signed by Bob Haro, Brian Blyther, Dave Nourie, Ron Wilkerson & Mike Dominguez. Please bid well to raise for funds for our friend Stephan Murray, your money will be so well spent.
I’d just like to thank Shiner Ltd, Jack Watts, Mark Noble, Stephan Prantl, Bob Haro & the Haro team for help with this, Im really grateful we as a community can make a difference.”

Here’s the link :