10 thoughts on “Stéphane Suini – Pokemon is back!

  1. I used to get so hyped seeing new clips from this guy so many years ago. Can’t believe this is his fourth day back after some time off; his tricks are still on point and his signature style is still super flowy and technical. Welcome back!

  2. I remember playing his old clips in a shop I managed years ago, and some parents being appalled when he would toss his bike and start cursing in French…. lol. This dude ruled, and apparently hasn’t missed a beat. Does anyone remember what site those old videos were on? I seriously am blanking on where I used to watch these!

      • Man, I forgot all about Agoride! That site had great edits all the time… I’m sure seeing the video quality nowadays might be rough, but I’d love to watch those old clips again. Thanks for the reminder. =)

  3. Stéphane uploaded some of the Opera and Pokemon vids on his vimeo channel bonnetdu.
    And there are some of these great vids of Kilig Tag on youtube, for example:

  4. Now THATS how ya cross tea kettle -turbine AND bar flip ! Like BUTTER , so damn smoooooth …….MORE of this cats riding would be a treat to watch , he has always ruled ! His side yard -blind jump back over the frame, to tomahawk …..was SWEEEET as well …..

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