Steve Mulder – 1999 X Games Pro Flatland Run

In my opinion, Steve Mulder got a harsh deal with the judging call during his time competing at the X Trials/X Games. His riding was super ahead of the time (bangers rather than combos), and the level of difficulty was sky high. Hit play and enjoy this run from 1999 at the X games in San Francisco, much respect Steve!

3 thoughts on “Steve Mulder – 1999 X Games Pro Flatland Run

  1. THIS makes my morning ! Ive been wanting to see this run SO bad , since back then . Steve tossed some serious , signature hammers……..and nailed them in THE biggest comp ! His 360 bike flip , high speed whopper , fakie turn bucket were so dope !!! Thanks for the upload and post , jefes Mulder RULES.

  2. Had to comment again ! Loving the whiplash ,candy bar step through to single kick , roll /left cross gerator . He was kinda freestyling a lil bit between tossing those hammers , love that . Even the first link with the fire pinks , pivot to cobain was rad , also ! Its wild to me that he was that relaxed / unfazed @ being at biggest comp at that time period . I remember talking to Terry after his first X-Games in 2002 . He said that event was on such a huge scale , the massive crowd , cameras hovering around , how loud the crowd was , that he would be mid-line in a hiker , and his legs would be shaking , no joke ! He did however do pretty well at that one and the last one that had flatland in 2003 . Damn , Im really stoked to watch Mulders run here , Salud ,Mulder , Big -E for the upload / share !!

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