Steven Lapsley – Build A Wall

Steven Lapsley – Build A Wall from Steven Lapsley on Vimeo.

I really like what Steven has to say about this new progression video, so i’m going to quote it right here! Check out his slick new edit!

“Over the last year I have been chasing a few tricks and consistency within those tricks. Flatland to me is all about breaking through the barriers. Each trick, each link is a new wall you must climb. Some walls are higher than others. These three tricks are “walls” I’ve been climbing all year. The “rodeo” style hitchhiker jugglers (one handed grabbing crossbar during juggle), linking the multiple backwheel tricks into an actual link, minor as it may be, was a big step in my riding this summer, and last but not least the cross arm whiplash. This is actually only the second one I have ever done. The best part about climbing over one wall, is building the next one even higher!”

5 thoughts on “Steven Lapsley – Build A Wall

  1. E, thanks or posting this. May not seem very impressive from the outside, but personally this is the most progressive edit I’ve done. Both riding wise and personally. Thanks for sharing this with everyone here!

  2. “The best part about climbing over one wall is building the next one even higher!”

    Well said and very inspiring Steven! I’ll fight the 0 degree temp. outside and go work on climbing the next wall!

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