Style: Paul Osicka

Lot of talk these days about style, well for me this guy represented “style”. Unreal footage still now, style for miles, his style cut across to street also, and made flatland respected by street heads all over the globe, his tricks still copied to this day, but his style remains untouched…

2 thoughts on “Style: Paul Osicka

  1. Paul Oscika where do i start , these video’s sum up Paul a totaly unique style of riding his Standard County video part from 1999 was of the hook his appearances in Ells video’s had me hitting the rewind button all the time, his street riding is tech as can be on the flatland/street divide he could bust out incredible new lines and for a flatlander he rode street with a short,sharp,snappy style where is he now ?
    lets hope he is still rippin last i saw was on the cover of Cream a few years back .Always a treat to see this gut ever since his days from the Props interview back in 1994 big props (no pun intended) respect to this cat for his mindblowing combo’s.

  2. would really like to see a fresh video of his riding….
    last time I saw him was in Amsterdam in 2004 or 2005 , but off course he came there without his bike….hehe..

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