Style wars:Miura vs Ucchie

Style: The way your arm moves? The movements your body makes?The clothes you wear? Not laying the bike down after a combo surely? Style debate….

7 thoughts on “Style wars:Miura vs Ucchie

  1. Feeling Miura's riding more on the Reason dvd, he cut out the laying down the bike after a combo, less deadtime in the tricks, he refined his style, ucchie's style is more aggressive, you cant say which is better, just what you like…

  2. There is no right answer in my opinion you can't judge style, for me miuras style is amazing, but laying the bike down after the whole combo almost butchers all that style, it's not clean thus how can the style be better. However his riding in Reason is a whole diff ballgame!! Both are equally amazing if you ask me.

  3. You either have it, or you don't!
    There is generally only a few stylish riders out therer compared to non-stylish riders from my own personal viewpoint.
    Like J.Forde for instance, he got the funk! brap

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