15 thoughts on “Sunny Singh-Drug Free PSA (for PMAKid.com)

  1. At least half of the people who can do that trick have done/do drugs…. the two topics are 100% TOTALLY UNRELATED. It would be like saying, if I didn’t read the bible I wouldn’t be able to be nice to people.

    Everyone makes their own choices, unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

  2. its a positive message love it or hate it its simple, drug abuse is self inflicted like alcohol we all know the risks as adults is whether we want to take the risks and abuse ourselves or stay clean ,it ain’t big and it ain’t clever well tell that to the users or look at the state of a drug user on the streets as an example if thats how you want to end up, Sunny i salute your positivity bro 🙂

  3. Yeah i hear you Mark i myself have lost friends to drugs Crack and Heroine , thing is they started out with the casual joints weed etc and ended up in stealing then rehab then prison then out again and eventually death ,i myself have done time in prison so i’ve seen what drugs do close up and it ain’t pretty sure a lot of people smoke weed casually but whether it ends there or they want a stronger buzz is up to the person ,like i said we all know the risks we are in control of our own destiny ,deep shit but true .

  4. Captain Obvious is stating the obvious. Of course there may not be a direct connection between the use of illegal drugs and the ability to pull off a freestyle trick; for the sake of argument let one preclude that not even a slight correlation exist. The target audience of an advertisement like this would not dissect the validity and reliability because it’s ‘obvious’ that the actor/rider is not arguing from a research standpoint. One can infer that it simply suggests to put time, effort, and money into more productive endeavours then drugs. Mark’s comment is a ‘poignant reminder’ of how a simple message can be powerful even if it’s not ‘statistically accurate’, but I may have just stated the ‘obvious’.

  5. This was simply a public service announcement I did for my friend whose son was doing a presentation on living drug-free to his elementary school.

    I am aware that some of the best flatland riders do not live this lifestyle and that’s fine, that’s their choice. This wasn’t mean to call anyone out.

  6. I was also careful with my words. I said ‘I’ wouldn’t be able to do it because I don’t think I could have had I made other choices in life. Had I said ‘you wouldn’t be able to do this’ then I would be asserting a correlation.

  7. Guilty troll is feels guilty, so he takes something positive that someone did for a youth and makes excuses about it like the maker of the video was actually talking to him.

  8. Your second comment was my point Sunny even though I was not as cogent. Great little message for elementary students and some damn good riding too bro!

  9. weed is not a gateway drug, people who get addicted to harder shit were pre-destined to be fuck ups.

    Nature vs Nurture

  10. Howard’s point is a load of horseshit, my original comment was not designed to imply I want kids to do drugs… I completely agree that its an adults choice but if you keep telling these kids that weed is dangerous and that it’s a “drug” guess what? when they find out it’s a harmless fucking plant they will completely mistrust ALL drug facts “hey weed was ok and they said it was bad… maybe they are lying about cocaine and heroin as well”

    People overdose on everything from water to cheeseburgers… moderation, self control, and awareness are your best weapons, not generalized blanket statements.

    Regardless, great trick Sunny lord knows I can’t do that.

  11. Captain Obvious is Ciaran Perry as he is full of even more horseshit than me ,with attitudes like yours the growing population of drug users will not decline it will only get bigger with more problems in society ,hey you should do time in the clink mate you may learn a bit about life and educate youself that would scare you trust me, obviously you have never been in rehab or been in the company of smack heads that would kill for a fix its reality mate not horseshit .
    i may have a cheeseburger with a glass of water now better be careful not to overdose on it though haha god what an irrelevant pointless contribution that is , Sunny well done for this thread , seems some people are thick or stupid or both.

  12. Captain Obvious i would like to meet you one day seeing as your an expert on drugs and show you that soft drugs do lead to hard drugs its the temptation and self control that stops you nature vs nurture try nature vs death ,open you eyes dipshit or keep at it ,pricks like you make me sick O.D or something.

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