2013 World Circuit News!

Hello all,

As you know the BMX Flatland World Circuit is in full swing for 2012. Voodoo Jam was a huge success in June with Tsutomu Kitayama taking the lead in points. Next stop is Vigo Spain in August and then we have the final stop in Kobe Japan October.

To make a few things clear about this year on the Circuit:
-Top 3 riders pay out – 1st $5,000, 2nd $3,000, 3rd $1,000
-Top 6 riders in year end points get a free trip to Tokyo Japan to compete for The Real Toughness G Shock Finals in December 2013.

In other news we are proud to announce Viki Gomez and Yohei “Uchhie” Uchino are now on board and will be directors of their regions for Circuit. These riders will help us to move forward with improvements and growth to the Circuit. Top level riders stepping up to secure the future of Flatland BMX. Some of the topics we are working on now will be growth to other areas and more effective ways for riders to participate in the Circuit.

Lastly we are very proud to announce that G Shock is our title sponsor, and we want to thank G Shock their support of the Circuit.

Thank you

Scott O’Brien
North American Director

Viki Gomez
European Director

Yohei “Uchhie” Uchino
Asia Director

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