ABC of Flatland – Full Pro Results!

Photos by Alexandra Alexa.

Contest season is well and truly under way! Yesterday we posted the top 3 results almost live from Alencon, France. Viki Gomez starts the year with a win, and also defends the ABC title for the second year in a row! Congratulations once again Viki! Here are the full pro results! If anyone has some video of the runs, please send them in!

1-Viki Gomez
2-Dez Maarsen
3-Kevin Nikulski
4-Thomas Noyer
5-Sietse Van Berkel
6- Rayk Hahne
7-Keelan Phillips
8-Jeremy Brosset
9-Josh Briars
10-James White
11-Gilles Van de Sompel
12-Joris Bretagnolles
13-Mike Plas
14-Matthieu Bonnecuelle
15-Kris Gautier
16-Jason Forde
17-Fabien Stephan
18-Jean Bulhon
19-Romain Georges
20-Gaz Issabre
21-Charles Paty
22-Alexis Desolneux
23-Didier Genet
24-Romain Dodelier
25-Seonghoon Lie
26-Kevin Jacob
27-Steve Green
28-Maxandre Pipanel
29-Takeo Fukeda
30-Thomas Deschendaux