Adam Kun wins Save The Sunshine Contest!

Photo credit: Adam Kun.

The last contest of the summer season in Hungary went down yesterday! World Champion Adam Kun took the top honours with Peter Sarlos and Andras Domany taking the 2nd and 3rd place podium spots. Gábor Szitás and Attila Bordács took the wins in the Master and Am classes! Congratulations to all! Sure it won’t be long until there is some footage online from this event…

1st – Ádám Kun
2nd – Péter Sarlós
3rd – András Domány

1st – Gábor Szitás
2nd – Olivér Kallai
3rd – Ádám Gelencsér

1st – Attila Bordács
2nd – Csaba Orosz
3rd – Gergő Dudás