Battle in the Rockies Day 2

Yesterday was the first full day in Monument, Colorado for the Battle in the Rockies contest this coming weekend. And the first day is always a hard one for me, after 18.5 hours of travelling and a 6 hour time difference the body clock and the altitude takes some adjustment for me. It didn’t seem to bother Mates Tucek at all (watch the Tintadome session edit that I just posted as a reference).

As forecast, the weather turned from the 79 degrees and sunshine, to freezing and snowing over one day. Welcome to Colorado, various people said to me throughout the day. We started the day with an hour trip back to Denver to the Rackhouse, the venue for the Battle in the Rockies contest that will host the AFA finals once again this year. This year the lighting is much better with some new big opening windows bringing in natural daylight and the area was cleared from what I remember last year so it’s already going to be much bigger than last year.

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Battle in the Rockies – Day 2


Yesterday was my first full day in the US, this year we are around an hour away from where the contest is at in Denver at James Mcgraw’s house in Monument, Colorado.
The first part of the day was taken up with airport pick ups, Michael Sommer, Moto Sasaki and Martti Kuoppa all arrived, during the evening we headed for a fun session at James’ Tintadome riding spot which his workplace during the day, riding spot during the night. My body clock was screaming bedtime, so I decided to take the time to shoot some photographs.



If you are following flatmatters on instagram, you will have also seen the distraction training video with James McGraw taking out Joe Cicman with a roll of paper towel, myself, Moto, Michael and Moto were all adjusting to the time change so it was pretty chilled and a good time hanging out and joking with all the riders, check out the photos I shot.
Thanks to Joel Schallhorn for the use of his camera. Today we had to Evolve skatepark in Denver for jam day. Check out a selection of photos I shot below that I feel some up the day quite well! Once again like last year, the vibe is great between the riders, looking forward to riding today! Stay tuned for more updates on FM!




Battle in the Rockies – Day 2

Dom arrived last night after a long flight from Prague, and immediately started throwing all his combos and some new bangers I haven’t seen before. Machine!

James McGraw is a bundle of energy, back and forth all day doing all he can for the riders. And putting in some work on the contest floor!

It’s always good to see Todd Carter ride, smooth as glass style, and one of the nicest guys you could meet.

Day 2 was a full day of riding at the warehouse, the level of riding from the crew has already been amazing! Great atmosphere and comradery between all the riders, yesterday the spot got owned with such a high level from the likes of Dub, Thomas Noyer, Benjamin Hudson, Jason Plourde, Tyler GIlliard, James McGraw, and later in the day Todd Carter and Dominik Nekolny arrived and joined in the sessions. Today we have more riders arriving, the excitement is growing. Bobby Carter will be running a livestream broadcast from Friday, so lookout for that right here! Lets get started with Day 3!

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