Repo: Battle in the Rockies

Text: Effraim.
Photos: Effraim + Dub + Marcin Biegunajtys – Manmade Media Studio.

On the last day for many of us we all got experience the Rockies for real. James took us up Pikes Peak, crazy good time with this crew! Photo: Dub.

Sometimes in riding you need an extra spark to spur yourself to the next level, I feel like the Battle in the Rockies event was just the tonic I needed with winter amongst us and perhaps you if you attended the event. When you see a flatlander put his heart into what he loves, it speaks volumes. From the very moment I got to Denver with Thomas Noyer who was on the same flight as me, the flatland community vibe that set the tone for the week was in embudance as myself and Thomas met James, Dub, Jason Plourde in the airport before we embarked on an hour journey that took four hours due to the heavy snow to get to Colorado Springs. When you have 5-6 flatlanders altogether once again even four hours goes quickly, plus as was Thomas Noyer’s first time to the US, we took him to as American a restaurant as we could find on the road, “Five Guys”.

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Battle in the Rockies Final Session – Dez Maarsen, Benjamin Hudson and James McGraw

Dez Marrsen, Benjamin Hudson and James McGraw final session in the Battlezone from James McGraw on Vimeo.

This time last week, Dez Maarsen, Benjamin Hudson and James McGraw got in a final session at the Battlezone in Colorado Springs at the Battle in the Rockies contest. HIt play to watch Dez, Benjamin and James kill it! Nothing but good times in Colorado!

* If you are wondering James lost his voice so had to throw a chair instead!