Bert Ribul’s Junglerider IndaMix Prototype Bikecheck

Photos: Dmitri Shushuev.

Frame: Jungle Rider InDaMix street/flat prototype frame 19.5″
Fork: Primo Strands
Handlebars: Jungle Rider MK Ultra v2 proto 9″
Barends: ODI
Stem: Sunday Freeze
Aheadset: Fsa impact
Grips: road bike grips on longnecks
Griplocks: nah
Brakes: negative
Tyres: Freguency g’s
Tubes: kenda ?
Pegs: Jungle Rider mudra
Seatpost: macneil
Seatclamp: wethepeople
Seat: Superstar pivotal
Chain adjustor: built in
Chain: KMC halflink
Cranks: khe hindenburgs, soon to be something longer.
Chainring: tree 4130
Pedals: Odyssey PC
Rims: Gsport birdcage in the front and rollcage in the back
Front hub: Animal Javelin
Freecoaster: Khe geisha lite
Spokes: finnish spokes

You go through a lot of frames, what’s different with this one?
I’m super stoked on the new frame and bars that we have come up with! Because I do a lot of whip and decade style stuff it is really hard on frames. On this frame the main focus was strength and it has been holding on real nice. It is the strongest frame I’ve ridden so far without having any problems with it.
It has thicker tubing, built in gussets on down and toptube, tubing is double butted and the toptube is slightly higher to get the best angle to withstand stress. It is slightly heavier, weighing around 2 kg but it feels super stable.
It should be going into production soon and it will be available in 19,2, 19,5, 20 and 20,5 ” toptube sizes.

Any modifications: The white stripes on my tyres!
I cut down my forks steerer tube, because nowadays everything is topload and very high so there’s no need for soo many spacers plus it looks real clean.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride: A bit ghetto’ish look.

Sponsors: Red Bull, Jungle Rider, Vans.

Advice to beginners on bike set ups? Don’t rush on taking off the brakes, they are useful on learning all the basics which will really come in handy in the future.

Thanks Bert! See you at the Worlds!

Couple of more shots right here: