Bill Nitschke – 22 Day Double Decade Challenge

I’m a day late posting this edit Steve Mulder posted of Bill Nitschke’s 22 Day Double Decade Challenge! Here’s what Bill had to say about this fun idea:

“10/10 2016 WORLDWIDE DOUBLE DECADE DAY is officialy here. Thanks to Brett Downs for this great idea! The History of this trick with me is DEEP!!! This is my favorite trick. If you’ve been following me this last month, then you may have seen my 22 days of Double Decades. This idea started out at 5:30am on September 1st when I read a post by my cousin, Bradley Ford. It was the song September, by Earth Wind and Fire and I remembered it was my birthday month. So, jamming out in my garage I decided I needed a goal. It popped in to my head (like the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man from Ghost Busters), 22 days of Double Decades!!! At this point I didn’t realize I was going to be doing 22 different variations, but just wanted to do 1 a day until my 46th birthday on the 22nd.”