Jean William Prevost wins Fise World in Chengdu, China

Congratulations to Jean William Prevost who took the win at the final stop of the Fise World Series in Chengdu, China. Dub was followed on the podium by Moto Sasaki and Matthias Dandois, you can watch the top three runs, check the results and the whole finals below. Congratulations also to Matthias Dandois who took the year end Fise World title, followed by Alex Jumelin and Jean William Prevost.

Final Results:

1- Jean William Prevost
2- Moto Sasaki
3- Matthias Dandois
4- Alex Jumelin
5- Dez Maarsen
6. Viki Gomez
7. Raphael Chiquet
8. Takumi Isogai

Watch the whole finals:

Watch the Fise World Finals in Chengdu, China Live!

It is the last stop of the 2018 FISE World Series, taking place in Chengdu, China. The Flatland finals will be broadcasted on Sunday night (America),morning (Europe), afternoon (Asia). Follow the YouTube countdown clock, get your alarms set and don’t miss this one! Matthias Dandois is in the top spot, who’s going to take it?

Sunday November 4th
16:50 UTC+8 / 09:50 UTC+1 / 04:50 UTC-4‚Äč

Vertigo Pilot – Classic is over

Vertigo Pilot – Classic is over from VertigoPilot on Vimeo.

Pawel Bobowik and Justin Chenjin just dropped this nice edit for their sponsor, the Chinese Autum Distributer, KAPOK shop in Guangzhou. I didn’t notice before, Pawel has tiny pegs on the top of forks to help with the fork mccircle spins and boomerangs, hit play!