Master of Creativity 2017 Round 2 – 21st to 17th

Martti Kuoppa just started loading the videos and placings from Round 2 of the 2017 Master of Creativity contest, and there were so many good entries. Here we have 21st through till 17th featuring Chris Vasileiou, Maxime Cassagne, Remy Dunoyer, Gilles Van Sompel, and Luke Malone. Enjoy the progression and big respect to everyone who entered and took part.

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Chris Vasileiou – Moonlight Creativity

Moonlight Creativity from Chris Vasileiou on Vimeo.

Always stoked to showcase unknown riders on Flatmatters! Check out this slick edit from Chris Vasileiou from Io├ínnina, Greece. Up until now he hasn’t put much riding footage online at all, but as you can see this guy has lot of skill and potential! Keep shredding and documenting Chris! And thanks for sending this one in!