Cory Stratychuk – 5 years anniversary of not being able to ride

cory strat 1997-1999 from Cory Stratychuk on Vimeo.

Today marks a heartfelt day for Cory Stratychuk, 5 years of not being able to ride with being in a lot of pain. To this day I have never seen anyone do a scuffing catapult or smith decade as many call it, and look out for the forward karl peg boomerang to hitch right at the end, Cory was so good and a massive part of why the Vancouver flat scene made such a big impact on the worldwide flatland scene (Andrew Faris, Cory, Jason Brown R.I.P, Jamie Macintosh, Nathan Penonzek) during the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Much respect due, here’s what Cory had to say about this emotional day for him:

Respect due!

“I think this video showcases most progressive time in my life and it goes pretty far back. (18-20 years).
The bottom line is that I’ve really tried to come back but in reality I have had to learn the most difficult trick of all which was hang it up.
It constantly feels like I’m that kid who broke his arm on the first day of summer and am waiting for the cast come off, but there’s no chance. I just think there is in the back of my head.
Riding was my entire life for such a very long time and I still had some left in me.
There were dream tricks that I hadn’t quite learned yet and then my last edit (pre accident) left with a “to be continued” note- which I never really got the chance to follow up with.
This part still haunts me as I’m sure you can all imagine.
It stands as the last time I could ride at any potential and not hurt 24/7 for months at a time following a 1-2 hour session.”