Dane Beardsley wins Trans jam in Raleigh NC

News just popping in via Joe Cicman at the Trans jam contest in Raleigh, NC. Congratulations to Dane Beardsley who took the win in the pro class followed by Terry Adams and Alex Jumelin. Todd Carter took the win in the Huffgate class, followed by Joe Cicman and Mr Huffgate himself, Bryan Huffman. Craig Gaudet and Lona Adams took the wins in Vet and Novice also! Congratulations to all the podium finishers. Full results below!


Dane Beardsley
Terry Adams
Alex Jumelin
Dax Wolford
Art Thomason
James McGraw
Isaiah Jordan
Tyler Gilliard
Keith King
Scott O’Brien


Todd Carter
Joe Cicman
Bryan Huffman
Ivan Adomiel
Mannie Nogueira
Ron Monis
Shaun Lapsley
Steven lapsley
Lee Mejia
Troy Haynes
Shane Reed
Kevin Washington
Andrew Sheltran


Craig Gaudet
Mark Coates
Robert Reilly
Kyle Hogue


Lona Adams
Justin Morrison
Camden Carter

Photos: Todd Carter, and AM Flat.