Episode 58: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Claude Hickman


What’s up everyone? Claude Hickman surprised me today with a fresh clip for episode 58 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives. Keeping the momentum going as we approach 60 episodes!

This is Claude’s second FM exclusive, and this is episodes features another double darkside line, this time from hitch to rear wheel backpacker, I believe they call it a fudge packer in the states (correct me if I am wrong) to peg wheelie lard yard into ice cream darkside to halfpacker. Super smooth style from CH, this comes from years of riding, skills to pay the bills.
Claude on that note has just launched his own “Flatland” clothing brand, hit him up on instagram for the tees, sweatshirt, hoodies and all that good stuff.

Thanks Claude for contributing, whose got episode 59?

Episode 57: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jean-Michel Chauvel


We are back, episode 57 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives. It is pretty fitting today I am wearing a King of Concrete tee, ep.57 features Jean-Michel Chauvel from Guilliaume Le Conquerant over in Normandie, France just across the water from me here in Southsea, UK. Jean-Michel is a big supporter of the King of Concrete contest, and competed this year in the eFise, MOC, and AFA online contests, and I love this guys riding.

He has a unique flow to how he puts the tricks together, I would call these “pieces” of tricks put together in one clip with his unique pirouette style, that’s figure skating like. This is what flatland is all about, get out there and get creative. Jean-Michel is in his 50’s and showing no signs of slowing down, stoked he stepped up for episode 57.

Merci Jean-Michel for stepping up!!!

We have definitely slowed down as we approach 60 episodes, if you have a clip send it in. Don’t be shy, instructions on how-to take part are after Jean-Michel’s clip….

Whose got episode 58?

Episode 56: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Lalo Jimenez


Flipping the script for episode 56, and why not? There are no posting schedule rules with Flatmattersonline exclusives…

Lalo Jimenez comes through a rad bar spinning g-roll type of deal for 56, and also the news that there is a world-wide online flatland jam going on tomorrow, hence the exclusive dropping tonight. I fired this one out right after a long day at work, link below to the jam!
Thanks Lalo for contributing whose got episode 57??


Episode 55: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with James White

The godfather of UK flatland, James White comes through with Episode 55 after a slight interlude after Bruno Zebu’s amazing 54th edition!
James delivers a brand new move, he calls the “slide aid”. I used to do sliders a long time ago, in my teens and never dreamt of linking a slider with a boomerang. Whiteski being the true freestyler he is, delivers the goods and surprises us all the process.
Like Nice and Smooth once rapped, “this is how we take the old to the new”….

Thanks James for contributing, whose got episode 56?

Episode 54: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Bruno Zebu


We are back with episode 54 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives.
Today we have an absolute treat from one of my favourite riders, Bruno Zebu from Brazil. This cat has so much style on the some of the hardest switches, and he comes through with this insane halfhiker turbine pivot to opposite xft halfpacker and flows into a ridiculous line. These clips are getting absolutely insane as someone commented recently.

Thank you Bruno for contributing, who’s got episode 55?

Episode 53: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Trevor Meyer


Welcome back, today we have a real treat for you!
Trevor Meyer during the 90’s was the most prolific contest rider on the globe, and Trevor is still going strong as you will see in this 53rd episode of the Flatmattersonline exclusives!
Freshly baptised this week, Trevor comes through with an awesome bar spin ice cream line pivot into pumping inside switch-b, smooth as glass! Trevor in my opinion, is one of the best to ever touch a 20 inch freestyle BMX bike, his tricktionary is as deep as anyones in the game, so stoked he came through with an FM exclusive.
Thanks Trevor for contributing!

Whose got episode 54?

Episode 52: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Tyler Gilliard


What’s up everyone? It’s been a busy week, juggling riding, work, judging e-fise and so on. But, we are back to it today! US flatland shredder, Tyler Gilliard came through with an amazing crackpacker whip line from episode 52 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives filmed at his workplace/dojo in Florida.
Tyler has such a fast style, great to watch, and delivers a banger for us all…

Thanks Tyler for contributing, who’s got episode 53?

Episode 51: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Will Redd


We are back on the road towards 100 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, today London Bikes CEO, Will Redd comes through with Episode 51!
Over the last five or so years, I have been lucky enough to get to see Will ride in person at the Battle in the Rockies contest in Colorado. Will is one of the most skilled riders in the game, such a strength in depth to what he’s doing on a 20 inch bike.
And he comes through right here with a amazing twist on the forward side glide, an old school flatland trick comes with a new school twist and that’s what freestyle is all about!

Thanks Will for contributing, whose got episode 52?

Episode 50: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Austin Luberba


We made it, 50 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives! Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the series that has helped inspire us all, particularly during the lockdown period.
When I started the FM exclusives again with episode 1 dropping on January 23rd, I was out in San Francisco and had the idea to start the series with Pete Brandt. I never thought we would be still doing these exclusives at 50 episodes, but now the exclusives in my opinion have become a staple of the site.

The 50th episode took a few twists and turns with people offering, but work commitments getting in the way. This however, worked out really well, Pete Brandt was the first exclusive and this year celebrated his 50th birthday, and still shows no signs of slowing down at all.

One of the new generation of pros to come out of the US, Austin Luberda from St Louis, Missouri came through with the elusive clip. I found it quite fitting that we start a new chapter with the new generation. Austin comes through with an absolutely hammer line, the gliding junkyard blindside pivot is absolutely amazing and he keeps the pace going throughout. Austin is a real name to look out for, I hope he can make a mark into the international contest scene at some point. Thank you Austin for stepping up. Whose got episode 51? Hopefully dropping Sunday….

Let me finish by saying…These clips have reached all generations of flatlanders, and that is the real beauty of doing these. Seeing all the different styles come through and inspire us all, thank you everyone who has stepped up once again….

Episode 49: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Josh Briars


We are getting so close to the elusive 50th episode!!! UK rider, Josh Briars came through with a lovely flowing whiplash to hitchhiker line ending with what I call the Degroot undertaker. Chad if you are reading/watching this, what do you call that trick?
Josh filmed this line at the Millennium Square spot in Bristol, UK yesterday, so this is literally hot off the presses. Josh celebrated his birthday yesterday to boot, happy birthday Josh!!
Great to see Josh back on his bike after a few injuries.

Thanks Josh for contributing!
Whose got that elusive 50th episode, happy to say that will be dropping Wednesday and its a banger!!