Flatark Registration closes on 30th July – International Riders get registered!


About FLAT ARK registration for international riders.

Please check web site news page.If your name isn’t there, please registration again.

Editors note: I’ve also added the list below!

Registered so far!

Gonzalo Bellanti – Argentina
Lee Musselwhite – UK)
Jason Plourde – Canada
Seong hoon Lie – South Korea
Peter Olsen – Canada
Charles Paty -France
Thomas Deschenau – France
LeeDongHo – Korea
John Yull – England/USA
Kang Jae Yong – South Korea
Alex Jumelin – France
Dustyn Alt – Germany
Jean William Prevost – Canada
Taslem Raziff – Malaysia


If you are still not registered you have three days left until the deadline closes! Please do not forget to register, you could register from

DEADLINE is July 30th